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 My name is Abbie Jensen. I married my high school sweetheart in 2017 and we are raising our three babies in Utah county. Ever since I was a tiny girl, I have been a feeler. I feel things deeply and NEED to express them with my whole heart. When I became a Mom in 2019, I felt like my heart might break right open from the depth of my love, fear, and joy in that title. I found myself taking hundreds of photos a day just so I wouldn’t miss one minute of my baby growing up. Seeing this, my husband bought me my first Camera. I spent my days following her around and taking photos of her tiny hands, messy curls, and scraped up knees. I loved the depth and emotion I found in those images that an iPhone couldn’t capture. Then, somehow I started taking photos of my friends babies, too. Their birthday parties and first steps, park play dates and picnics in the fall leaves. I realized that photography could be an extension of being a “feeler.” I have fallen in love with the idea of giving others that gift too. Getting to be the person who captures you growing and changing and loving and feeling is truly an honor. My mission in this business is and always has been to preserve the depth and emotion of your special milestones. From dizzy mountain spins as an 18 year old senior, to the excitement of holding your fiancés hand, to the tears in your eyes on your wedding day, and the fuzzy newborn babies you have to kiss over and over.. and then getting to watch them toddle around and eat dirt a year later. Nothing compares. Those moments are why I do what I do, for your keepsakes and mine. I look forward to capturing your happiest days! 

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